God Blessed Morning Family! 

Praise God for everyday is a celebration of Life. No matter whether we are in pain, or suffering for even the experience of a hardship in Life is still worth celebrating and giving all the Glory to God. For if we Live to see another day is a beautiful thing but if we don't it is understood that the afterlife is worthy of celebration for it is eternal. We must understand that we entered the physical world from the Spirit world and as we exist in the flesh we are still Spirits having a physical experience, for we are literally living between two worlds one phyaical and the other Spiritual. When we leave our temples we return to the Spiritual world with a better understanding of what it is and why we experience joy, love, peace, pain, suffering and the gamut of emotions in the physical world. For when we cross back over into the Spiritual world we don't just gain eternal Life we also gain an understanding of what it is to be of the flesh and know it's weaknesses, it strengths and it's ability to survive through the most horrific of pain and suffering as well as remain loving and at peace in the face of decay and destruction. For we will gain clarity that Life is a celebration and everyday we experience good, bad or indifferent is preparing us for the work we must do in the afterlife. Christ came not only to save our Souls but to also understand the challenges of the flesh so that when He crossed back over He would have a deeper understanding of what we experience on a daily basis and how He could best assist us in our time of need. For God Knows our heart and He even Knows our joy, pain and sorrow, but He also Knows our ability to overcome anything and everything in Life and this is worthy of a daily celebration. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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