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God Blessed Morning Family! 

At times we hear others speak of how their Spirit is broken, but this of course is not possible, for our Spirit belongs to God and He is never broken. What they are referencing is their will, dive and motivation are lacking for they are experiencing a state of depression which is a mood that can allow one to feel a lack of motivation, severe sadness in which they are in an emotional state in which they lack the will to do or try anything to recover. This is where the feeling of being broken comes in but it is a broken state of mind which reflects the flesh and not the Spirit. For our Spirit is always whole and never to be broken for it belongs to God. To heal the flesh we must rely on the Spirit to take over our thoughts in order to change our mood. Once we tap into our Spirit we will find a clear understanding to what and why we are in a depressed state of mind and why it is necessary that we experience each emotion but not allow it to control our over all state of Being. Every emotion we experience is important in our journey but it is not meant to be the epitome of our journey. For we must remember that we are here to serve a purpose and part of it requires us to experience the pain and joys of Life. As you go through this journey our emotional and physical experiences will never break our Spirit for it belongs to God and it will remain whole and Live on into eternity. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.


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