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God Blessed Morning Family! 

Pain is something that we all will experience at some point in our Life.  It is never welcomed and at times avoidable and we will wish it never existed. There are different levels of pain and some are physical and others emotional. As unwanted as it is pain is necessary. Have you ever questioned why is pain necessary in our Lives? It is understood that every physical and emotional experience serves a purpose for all that God creates is not in vain and there is good to be found in all of His creations. My theory is that if pain did not exist most of us would not turn to God for it is clear that when we experience pain we all turn to God for relief. Jesus could not heal us if it were not for the Grace of God. The most common misunderstanding about pain is that Christ alone could heal all pain. When Christ healed those who were suffering He was present and Christ always gave the glory to God by saying your Faith has healed you. For Jesus even experienced pain and he did not heal himself he reached out to God for relief. For even Jesus understood that the ability to heal others and relieve them of their pain was by the Grace of God. Of course all pain is not good pain and never will it be associated as good but with pain comes  Faith in God, for only He can relieve us of our pain. For some of us will never cry out to God unless we are experiencing pain and therefore, there is good in pain for when it is present it draws us closer to God. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah. 


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