God Blessed Morning Family! 

Our Father watches over us for He Knows our path is not easy. Although He has placed before us the Joys of the world we still are not satisfied for we overlook the fruit at our feet and seek material wealth instead of Spiritual growth, which has more to offer. For material things are for a moment but Spiritual growth continues into eternity. He watches as we decided weather to Love our neighbors or to be bitter, and although He Knows our heart He remains by our side no matter our choice, for He Knows we will all fall short. As Jesus told the disciples that they will not only deny knowing Him they will also betray Him, He remained loyal to them. Never did He leave their side nor did He disengage contact with them for His Love forgave their trespasses prior to their occurrence. For no matter what choices you make on purpose or without realizing the negative impact upon others God will never turn His back on you, for in His eyes you will always remain perfect. As our Father He will watch over us with not only forgiving eyes but unconditional Love, for even when we do wrong we can do no wrong in His eyes for He Knows our heart. Just as He knew the disciples would betray Jesus He Knows we will fall short, but He will continue to watch over us. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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