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God Blessed Morning Family! 

Disappointment is something we feel when things or people fail to Live up to our desires or expectations. It is a way of saying we placed our expectations on a pedestal in which they could not reach. It is easier to be disappointed in others than for you to be receptive to them being disappointed in you. Imagine if God was disappointed in us for no matter how many accomplishments we have experienced our failures were highlighted the most. This would not be a great feeling, but it is what we do on a daily basis to one another. Even though we say we are forgiving and we are capable of Loving each other unconditionally we still tend to hold our disappointment in each other at a level in which no matter how much good we have accomplished in the past or present our disappointments will still shadow them in our eyes. It is a relief to Know That God does not feel disappointed when we fail to reach the expectations of others, for He Knows our limits and because of this He has no expectations for us to fulfill the desires of man. For He did not create us to fulfill man's desires or meet their expectations, for our purpose is to serve each other but not to be held in a state of discontent when we fail. For failure is where we learn our strength and limitations and never are we to be ashamed for learning nor judged for not living up to someone's expectations. For He is never disappointed in our actions for He Knows our heart. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.


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