God Blessed Morning Family! 

You are safe in the arms of the Lord. We find ourselves locking our doors and alarming our cars and homes in the name of security. We change our passwords, pin numbers and passcodes to our email, computer, bank and credit card accounts all in the name of security. We have become a society of untrusting people all in the name of security, but try as we appear to be safe it is only visual and mental for our physical security can never be guaranteed by man. Find your strength and security in God and you will no longer feel, appear or be insecure. Know that God is the most Powerful and Strongest existence and in order to break the bondage of insecurity in which we have wrapped ourselves in with guns, alarms and security codes we must embrace the Power of God. For with God in our Life who can be against us? Man will try to errect walls to protect their imaginary boarders and use artillery to appear strong against what they deem as a threat but these things can never secure you for your Faith should only rely on God and nothing else to keep you safe and secure. For He is our Shepherd and only He can lead us through the shadows and secure our path. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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