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God Blessed Morning Family! 

To be anxious is to worry and to worry is to fear what is to be, and to fear is to have a lack of Faith. To have a lack of Faith is to doubt the Power of God. When you feel anxious address it by saying the Power of God protects me, watches over me and guides my steps, for He us my Shepherd and shall lead me not into temptation and shall deliver me from evil. Anxiety comes when we fear the unknown and also when we feel powerless over our Lives. To feel powerless we have to give our power to others for it is only taken by man when given. Although we have no power over the path in which God has bestowed upon us He has given us the Power to achieve our destiny. There is no reason to feel or be anxious about your current or future situation for the Power of God oversees our steps for He has ordained our destiny. It is amazing when we find ourselves in a situation that we see the outcome as unfavorable or is impossible to resolve, and within a matter of seconds of turning it over to God it is resolved in our favor. This is because the Power to control our destiny is in the hands of God, and when we are in a situation in which we are trying to control we realize that we have no power over man and the only resolution is to Let Go and Let God, for when we give it over to God we are acknowledging that we are powerless without Him in our Lives for He is the Power that gives us Light that not only guides us but gives us Life, for the Power of God watches over you, the Power of God guides you, the Power of God surrounds you and the Power of God is Within you for you are the Power of God. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.


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