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God Blessed Morning Family! 

What we anticipate is what we manifest in our Lives. If our expectations foresee doom and gloom in our pathway that is what we will receive no matter how much good comes our way, for we have programmed our thinking to anticipate the worst of our circumstances and it will be all that we see. Have you ever seen someone with all the advantages of Life walk a path that is filled with negativity? This is because they lay their focus on all that they perceive to be not right in their Life. Change your outlook to focus and anticipate the good in Life and no matter how negative your circumstances you will always see good beyond that which is negative. No one wants to be in an accident for there is not much positive to be seen in this type of event, but when you give Praise to God for not being injured or for the event not being worse or for having insurance that will cover any damage the negativity of the event seems to be overshadowed by the fact that God is moving you through this difficult event. Although some darkness will occur along our journey we should anticipate that every event will bring good experiences and outcomes for God will never forsake us. How we look at our Lives as a glass half full or half empty will set the pace of how we face events which we are to experience along the way. Anticipate good in every encounter and not only will you find it it will find you for He is our Shepherd and the Light Within your journey and no weapons formed shall prosper. I anticipate that the sun will rise every morning and with that all my negative thoughts will not overshadow the good I anticipate the Light of God illuminating in my Life.  Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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