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God Blessed Morning Family! 

To have doubt is normal because we tend to be unsure about things that we perceive as new or different. But when we allow doubt to guide our path then we are lacking Faith and living in fear. This is easily overcome by reminding ourselves that the Lord is our Shepherd and that if He is for us why would we allow doubt to work against us. Stepping out in Faith can be seen as a way of throwing caution to the wind but what it really is is us getting out of our own way, for doubt is created and supported in our mind. When we allow doubt to sink in it is like placing a cloud over sunshine, for when doubt shows up in our mind is when we are second guessing ourselves or the path which has been placed before us. Occasional doubt is not uncommon but to allow it to redirect or halt your path is to disconnect and turn our backs on the Light of God, and placing a cloud and shadows where none should exist, for it not only gives us Life it provides guidance throughout our physical and Spiritual journey. The act of having doubt seems harmless for it is subtle and appears to be a precautionary benefit but what it really is is a way of questioning the Hand and Master Plan of God. Don't let doubt delay or detour you from moving forward in your truth which is your journey, grab onto His Light and never let it go even when the clouds of doubt begin to form, for He is our Shepherd and we shall not Live in fear nor doubt. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.


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