God Blessed Morning Family!

Honor thyself and you honor God. One of the biggest lies we tell ourselves is that we are not good enough, the other is that we are not worthy of Love. We do this for various reasons but the main reason is that we fail to see the beauty of God reflecting Within us. To look upon others as if they posess a better Life than the one you have is to deny the beauty in which God has placed before you. It is thought that those of us who struggle to see God's hand are focusing on the shadows that are cast by His presence over our enemies, for we forget that although the battle is not ours to fight we tend to take on that which is a product of the war in which He fights on our behalf which is self-doubt, evil, distruction and negativity. While God is fighting our battles some of us like Lot's wife tend to look back at the destruction and dwell on it as if it has an impact on our journey. What we fail to understand is that when we turn our battles over to God they no longer can affect us unless we choose to dwell upon them and keep the memory of them relevant in our Lives. The pain of the past has no place in our present and the only reason it remains is because we fail to release it and leave it in the past. This is why so many of us fail to see the greatness Within us because we are to busy looking back at the pain and destruction from our past and this is why we fail to see the greatness He has placed begore us. Pain and hurt are created by man and once we turn it over to God it belongs in our past. We honor God when we lay our burdens at His feet for when He takes our burnes they no longer have power over us for He has taken on our battles and we are honored for He has not forsake us.  Be Still And Know That I Am. 



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