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God Blessed Morning Family! 

Trust in God even when you don't trust yourself or others. Although your current situation might not be what you desire and you see no possibility of change occurring Trust that God has your best interest at heart and that He is making all things in your favor possible. For we Know that we may find change impossible but for God all things are possible. During moments of strife we are to focus on giving over to God what we find impossible and thank Him for relieving us of this burden. Although we might think it impossible to change our circumstances Trust that God is present and in control of our destiny, for all things are possible and all we need to do is release it unto Him and it will occur Within His Divine Order of Time. It is easy to lose Faith in man and ourselves for we have limits of what we are capable of accomplishing, but God has no limits and once we understand this then we can begin to Trust in Him and not rely on man to accomplish that which is in God's Hands. Don't say you trust and believe for belief is a desire filled with doubt, instead say you Trust and Know That God will see you through, for when you Know there is no room for doubt. Live your Life Knowing that God is in control and you will Live a Life of Trust that is free of worry and doubt but most of all you will Live a Life of gratitude for you will Trust yourself to leave it in God's Hands.   


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365 Days of Affirmations

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