God Blessed Morning Family! 

Stupid is an act or statement but not our entire Being. Because we are intelligent Beings capable of accomplishing complex and multiple tasks simultaneously we tend to look upon actions or statements that are pointless as stupid. We are far from stupid although some of our behaviors and actions might contradict this, but when we label people as stupid this is not an accurate statement, for they are Children of God making choices in which we do not find logic behind. To label their actions and statements as stupid would be more accurate than to label them as stupid. For the use of the word to blanket every aspect of their Being is thoughtless for they are clearly capable of reasoning, complex and multiple actions as well as rationalization which are all aspects of some level of intelligence. The use of the word stupid is often chosen when at odds with regards to the strange behavior demonstrated by ourselves or others in which one finds it difficult to rationalize or justify, but if we are patient and look deeper we would see that the people we have labeled stupid are intelligent Beings in which their actions and statements are not a reflection of their abilities and level of intelligence. For we are all Children of God capable of stupid acts and statements but as we are made in His image we are not stupid, for to label His Child stupid is to label God stupid for He is our Creator. Stupid actions and statements serve a purpose in which we may not understand, but it shows that we are all complex Beings capable of falling short at some point in our journey, but this act or statement of stupidity does not define or reflect our entire journey nor our entire Being. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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