God Blessed Morning Family! 

We shall all fall short at one point in time but this does not make us a failure nor does it define our Life. We fall short to understand that we are all capable of sin and no one is exempt or void of sin. Therefore, we must follow our heart for His Commandments exist to keep us aware of the importance of avoiding sin but also so that we can also know that when we fall short He has already forgiven us of our trespasses. It is difficult to admit that we have sinned and to face someone in which you have trespassed against. It is also difficult to ask for forgiveness but in order to grow we must face that in which we find difficult and uncomfortable, for our sins will hold us back until we release ourselves from the humility, shame and bondage formed by the sin. For it is not the sin that holds us back it is the fact that we have fallen and do not ask for forgiveness. For forgiveness is what releases the bondage of shame and shadows which give sin power over us. For it is when we ask God and those we trespass against for forgiveness is when we rise, for then we have taken back that which was always ours which is the Power to Love unconditionally. For the power of forgiveness is Love, and when we Love we conquer our sins. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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