God Blessed Morning Family!  

Hallelujah, "I and my Father are one. " John 10:30 One of the reasons we are able to experience this Journey is because we have a biological father and God our Father for if He had not existed we would not exist. God in His infinite Wisdom made it so that we would require a biological father and mother in order for us to enter into our physical temple. He could have formed us in any other way but He choose for woman and man to be a part of His creation. Over the years we have defined the roles of our mothers and fathers but the one role that truly matters is the role they shared in our creation. To have your father in your Life and be able to celebrate Him on this day is a blessing, but the bigger role in which He played in your creation is ordained by our Father. Thank God for who our fathers are for it was not a mistake in which we were created with their biological gene pool, but they also serve a bigger purpose and that is to be of service to God and to our physical, mental and Spiritual development. For whether our biological fathers are present or not they serve a major role in our Life as well as those who are not our biological fathers and take on a fatherly role in our Lives. For no two fathers are the same and they all will impact our Lives in a way that will make us stronger and closer to Our Father. Thank God for our fathers for He has sent them to be of physical, mental and Spiritual service in our lives, for we are One with Our Father.  Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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