God Blessed Morning Family! 

As a Child of God it is important to know your worth for you can search the world to find value in your existence but there is no dollar amount that can equate the value of your Life. There is a saying that everyone has a price, but this is not true for God's creations are priceless. You may place a value upon your self worth but this is how you may see yourself, for in the eyes of God it is impossible for man to materialize the worth of His creations. Insurance companies, governments and corporations seem to think that they can concoct a formula which will determine the value of man but who is to say what your Life is worth. For the contributions you make on a daily basis cannot be calculated based on how the universe receives your energy and processes it in order to help you, but also help enhance the Life of those you encounter along your journey. Although you may receive payment from your employer for work performed this payment does not define your worth it is only a reflection on the value of the work in which you performed. To place a value upon yourself is to reduce yourself to the level of a material object. There is no price in which man can pay to replace a Child of God, for each of us are unique and cannot be duplicated. God created each of us for a specific purpose which brings value to the universe for our existence adds to the energy of Love which also serves a greater purpose in our journey, for there is no price you can place on God nor upon His unconditional Love for His Children. Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen. Hallelujah.

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