God Blessed Morning Family! 

Have you ever found yourself alone with your thoughts and felt that there was no one around that understands what you are feeling and/or going through at that moment? Well this might have been what you are feeling and thinking but it is not exactly what was occurring. For even though you may not have seen anyone in your presence or know of anyone having a similar experience you were never alone in either way, for God is forever present. When Jesus walked the dessert for 40 days He was never alone for God was watching over Him. When it seemed as if He suffered under the cross alone God was there to shoulder His pain and bring Him comfort. When He questioned God as to why He had forsaken Him God's response was to deliver Him and let Him Know That He was never alone. When you find yourself alone in your thoughts understand that the first voice you hear in response to your questions is not your own but the voice of God. For He not only Knows your heart He hears your thoughts,  emotions and feels your pain. For if we could understand that we become our thoughts we would be better off if we put into action what the first voice responds to our thoughts for it is the voice of God letting us Know that we are never alone. For it is His voice that gives us guidance on the path we take, and will lead us not into temptation and deliver us as He delivered Christ out of the dessert and off of the cross, for as He was always present with Christ so He is with us for He will never forsake us.  Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah. 

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