God Blessed Morning Family! 

The only thing that stops us from succeeding in the endeavour we attempt in Life is our fear of failure more than our fear of the unknown. Most successful people have failed on multiple occasions to achieve their goals but the moment they understand that failure is not to be feared it sets the path to the road to success. Some people feel that if you do not struggle the success is not real or it is fleeting, but God says we don't have to struggle if we give our burdens, fear and weaknesses over to Him. With God in your Life and as your guide failure is not an answer, although He may direct you around some roadblocks and detour your forward momentum all roads in which He leads you will lead to success. What may seem as a failure is preparing you to do better in your next attempt. When the manufactures of any product set out to produce an item for sale they create a prototype to see how it weathers under the use of the consumers. The purpose of the prototype is to show the creator where improvements should be made so the product is successfully manufactured and meets the consumers needs. This is the same thing when we set out to achieve a goal. For our first attempts may not be successful but as we learn from our mistakes we identify ways in which we can improve which not only makes us stronger and confident in our convictions but also wiser. As we are God's Children He keeps a close watch over us so we can gain knowledge, strenght and wisdom as we continue to depend on Him to help us improve upon our prototypes of Life, "For God all things are possible." Mark 10:27 For with God in our Lives failure is never an option. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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