God Blessed Morning Family! 

In the Scriptures the book of Numbers lists generations of Families with accuracy for it is understood that each legacy serves an important role in God's Master Plan. I am thankful for the Family in which I have that consists of my biological family, my work family, my family of friends and extended Spiritual family of the universe which consists of all of God's creations for we all are One in Spirit. For a stranger is truly not a stranger for we all have the Light of God which makes us family to generations past, present and future. The way in which we treat each other is a reflection of how we fell about ourselves. No matter the circumstances we can always gain insight into someone's emotional state but also generational family of origin just by observing their behavior towards others. This is because our ancestral behaviors are programmed into our understanding of the universe and each other. If you look at a biological family's history you will see patterns of behavior which are very distinctive and reflected in the current generation. As Children of God we all have it Within us to reflect His unconditional Love to each other not just because we carry or reflect His Light but because we are all His Light which makes us all Family. Know that you are the Light of God and understand that our bond is more than biological or physical it is a connection that is Spiritual which binds us beyond generations and into eternity. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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