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God Blessed Morning Family! 

One of the most devastating things we will all experience is betrayal by the hands of someone we trust. What we don't understand is how and why would someone we have a close bond with and a level of trust betray us and cause us such grief. The truth is that everyone has a Judas in their Life that will betray them, but just like Judas betrayed Jesus it was the catalyst to the beginning of a process that was necessary in order for our Souls to be saved and forgiven of our sins. I am not saying your betrayal will or is on this level but what I am saying is that betrayal is necessary to not only awaken us to the truth but also strenghen and push us into our greatness. At the time it is occurring it can be the most painful and devastating feeling in which we feel we might not ever get over, but if we give our blinding pain over to God we will be able to see clearly the path in which He has placed before us. This path is filled with Light that will provide everything we will need to move beyond the betrayal and overcome our pain of the deception. For it is because of the discovery of the betrayal in which we are awakened to the truth and from this day forward we will no longer walk in the shadows of lies but be aware that we walk not only in our truth but in the Light of God. For when the time is right He removes us from the shadows and all is revealed in His Divine Order of Time when He sees you are strong enough to endure the truth and prepared to move forward out of the shadows of the lies. In time you will be able to look back and understand why the betrayal was necessary and how you have discovered how much stronger you are now than you once believe yourself to be. For once you place your burdens at His feet you find strength to accomplish the impossible with God by your side.  For as Judas betrayed Christ it was a catalyst that not only saved our Souls but it also changed nonbelievers not into believers but into those that Know. Be Still And Know That I Am. 




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365 Days of Affirmations

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