God Blessed Morning Family! 

Who amongst us would not turn back time in an attempt to erase the things we regret the most in our past? Before we get caught up in thoughts about what we would do differently we might want to focus on the fact that if we erase or change our past our present state might not be the same. Although our past might hold some of our biggest regrets our present has revealed our strength and ability to survive what we deemed to be our worst moments in time. We might also want to acknowledge that it is during these times of difficulty in which we draw closer to God and gained insight into how He can do all things for He is our Shephered. Time is not our enemy for it serves as part of His Divine Order and is the reason we not only mature but gain wisdom and insight into understanding our greatness. For it is not the passing of time which is our enemy it is our fear of reliving past mistakes in the present and future which can paralyze our growth and connection with God. For if we could control time would we choose to move on from what we deem as our best moments in time to see what else God has for us? Would we even get to experience our best moments if we could not move past our worst? This is why time is controlled by God and not man for even in our thoughts which we control we continue to relive the past no matter if it is good or bad and we would do the same if we controlled time. Praise God for Time is Divine and not controlled by man. We must learn from our past and draw strenght from our experiences to Live in the present and face our future knowing that only our fear of time will only keep us from connecting with God for He controls the Divine Order of Time and when we let go of our attempts to control time and experience it as He has ordained we are fulfilling our destiny. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen Hallelujah.

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