God Blessed Morning Family! 

Independence is something in which Countries have struggled and embattled for over the centuries and when they achieve it they tend to remember the day with celebration. Our personal independence was gained the day God gave of His only Son to save our Souls and forgive us of our sins. For it is sin which binds us and holds our Souls, thoughts and actions captive as a dictator would a Country. Everyday is worth celebrating our independence for it marks a day we are not in bondage to our sins. We may tell ourselves that our actions are unforgivable but God had forgiven us of our trespasses prior to our birth. For He understood that our flesh is weak and our execution of sinful acts would be our tormentor where we would live in sin or keep ourselves caught up in the memory of the shadows of our sins and not allowing for His Light to shine through. He made it so we would be able to rise above its hold on us and exersize our independence. Understand that as Children of God we are not our sin nor does it define who we are for He has broken its bondage over us with the unselfish act of the sacrifice of His Son. For He so Loved us He has forgiven us of our trespasses and bequeathed upon us eternal independence of our Soul. Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen. Hallelujah.

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