God Blessed Morning Family! 

When those that are lost find thenselves in the darkest of places this is where they begin to search for the Light of God not Knowing the Light they seek is Within. Even though they may not see His Light it resides Within them for it is what gives them Life. Before their temple was formed their Spirit of Light existed for it was not created out of thin air but from His Light and it is with His breath in which He placed Life into our temple. The Light in which they seek is our Spirit which is composed of His Eternal Light. Those that lose their way tend to think that His Light no longer guides us but what they fail to see is that they no longer acknowledge His Light Within and this is why they are consumed with darkness.  For He will never forsake us nor will His Light disconnect from us for we are His Light which never dims nor can it be extinguished for it is eternal. When we understand that our temple is not the beginning nor ending of Life then we can understand not only the Power of God but also the Light of God is our eternal Spirit which does not require a temple to Live for it is the Light that gives us not only guidance, protection and nourishment but also eternal Life. Those that believe they have lost their way only need to look Within to discover the Light has always been their guide and they only need to acknowledge its presence and their path will be revealed for their Spirit was never in the dark it is their temple in which they choose to place in the darkness when they refused to acknowledge the Light of God which resides Within. Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen. Hallelujah.

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