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God Blessed Morning Family!  

Praise God for what was once lost is now found and those that stray from His Word are welcomed back in His arms with celebration. In Luke 15: 1-32 Jesus teaches about the meaning behind what was lost but now is found. Those that are in His presence do not understand how someone that is lost and turned their backs on God is worthy of celebration when they return unto Him, but He talks in parables so they can understand that it is instinctive for man to seek out what is perceived to be lost and once it is found we are overwhelmed with so much joy that we celebrate its finding. When a family member strays away and we see them going down a wrong path we do our best to save them before they fall because we fear losing them all together, but at best we can only wait for them to decide to change. This change only occurs when those that we see are lost decide to open their hearts to the amazing Grace of God and realize that in order to be lost in Spirit you must have started out from a position in which you were in the presence of God. In order to be found you must realize that He had never forsaken you and the celebration is to recognize your awakening from the darkness which once blinded you and now you can see. Rejoice for what you saw as lost is now found for you see that as much as we turn our back on the Word of God as our Shepherd He will never allow us to stray from His side. For in order to lose something you must have possessed it in the beginning, and in order to lose and find your Faith it must have been a part of you all along for it is never lost even when you choose to place it in the shadows of your heart. Open your heart and see that He has always been there all along. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.


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