God Blessed Morning Family! 

To Know God is to Know Love for God is Love. At times we confuse the emotion of Love with the act of Love. The emotion of Love is the passion and intimacy that we share with one another, but the act of Love is forgiveness and is non judgemental. For the act of Love is on a Spiritual level in which we have Within us and does not require us to know someone to Love them. The emotion of Love grows stronger or weaker as we get to know someone over a course of time. To help someone in need is an act of Love, for we may not know them but we Know they are a Child of God and that is all that matters. To forgive someone who has trespassed against us is an act of Love. To not judge others who do not follow the Word of God is to Love them for they Know not what they do. Although they intentionally set out to do wrong and feel no remorse for their actions against you and others it is clear that if they Knew God they would not have chosen this path, for to Know God is to choose a path of Love.  We must not judge but pray for God to forgive them as we forgive them as well for to Love one another we must also Love them in spite of what we see is not an act of Love. This does not mean we must fall victim to their misdeeds, but we are to receive them in the Spirit of Love, and forgive them in the Spirit of Love for Christ asked for our forgiveness for we Know not what we do. His pray was not only for those who crucified Him but for all generations to come as well.  This is the only way God Loves us all and to Know God is to Love all for He is Love. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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