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Cluttered is the mind of man that cannot get out of his own way. When the path is clearly defined and your steps are ordered by God the only reason we do not succeed is for we clutter our minds with doubt and negative thoughts of fear that freeze us in our tracks. Clutter only serves to keep man from succeeding. We indulge clutter not only in our thoughts but also in our homes, and in our work place, telling ourselves that it does not impede our flow of success.  Clutter physically, mentally and Spiritually restricts our flow of progress and at time grinds it to a halt. We may not be aware that our minds are cluttered for we think positive thoughts all day long but if our environment is cluttered then our mind and Spirit are cluttered for our environment is a reflection of our mental state of mind and our Spiritual connection to God. Removing clutter from your environment will free up not only your physical space to move about but also allow your vision to expand upon new areas as well as allow you mind more freedom to create, giving your Spirit more positive energy to connect with God.  When you look upon a pile of clutter in a corner your mind cannot see beyond the pile but if you clear the pile it gives the mind the freedom to create other thoughts rather than focusing on a pile of clutter. When Jesus walked into the desert He gazed upon open space with nothing or no one around to clutter his environment nor His thoughts. By removing himself from the cluttered city He was able to not only hear His whispers but also have clear vision and thoughts that allowed Him to see the temptation of Satan and reject it for it served to clutter His mind with thoughts of material things and false prophets. Jesus remained strong because His environment, mind and Soul were not cluttered with doubt and negativity. Unclutter your environment,  mind and Soul and you will find that your connection to God will be clearer than before. Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen. Hallelujah 


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