God Blessed Morning Family! 

As you walk Know that God walks with you. There is no reason to ever think that you are alone for He is right by your side and in those moments where you are paralyzed with fear He will carry you. Even when you find your road blocked He will clear a path so that you can continue to move forward in your destiny. For as Jesus walked He may have been surrounded by the disciples but He was always present as well. For it is possible for one to feel alone in a room full of people, but you should never think you are alone for God will never forsake you. As Christ was ushered through the streets and led to His crucifiction no one around Him would speak on His behalf and it appeared as if He had been forsaken, but in reality He had never left His side. It is important that we understand that we walk with God for He leads the way, and this is why we are to walk in Faith not by sight for what we see ahead and around us is not always be what is. Although you may feel you are going down the wrong path He will always have the final say on the road in which your destiny shall be paved. Walk in Faith and Know that you will never be forsaken. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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