God Blessed Morning Family! 

Although we Live in a high paced society in which most of what we consume is disposable and easily replaced to support our desires for instant gratification the one thing that is irreplaceable is you. Praise God for when He created us He never saw the need nor desire to make us replaceable. Know That your presence is unique and cannot be duplicated or mass produced for no two are the same. We may see twins, triplets or multiples that appear to look similar but they have completely different personalities, desires and thoughts that are unique to them. The loss of a single person in any relationship is significant for their presence served a purpose and our physical as well as Spiritual environment will never be the same without them. Saying that someone is replaceable like a material object is not realistic nor is it true for no one is disposable for we are made in God's image and there is nothing about Him that is disposable for without Him there would be no you or me. For He does nothing in vain and He created us because we play a significant role in His Master Plan, and no matter if society does not recognize your importance He does with the first breath you took to your eternal transition. For your level of importance does not begin and end in the physical for your Spiritual journey is significant, specific, unique and never ending for just as the Love and Power of God you are irreplaceable. Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen. Hallelujah.

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