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God Blessed Morning Family! 

We have become a society in which common politeness is seen as weakness. The words please and thank you seem to be lacking in our conversations and replaced with words of authority and demanding as if we were entitled to what is being offered. I was raised in a household in which please and thank you was prevalent in our conversations and let it be known that one was grateful and appreciative of what was being requested and received. Somehow society has taken these words of appreciation and common courtesy and turned them around to identify with lack of authority and unnecessary. Jesus was thankful for He understood that His journey was not only supported by the kindness of others but also the Grace of God. This is also how we should see our journey and show appreciation for those who cross our path are placed there by God and He opens their hearts to be receptive to our requests.  By thanking them but also saying please before they affirm that they can be of assistance shows tgat we acknowledge the Will of God. Please and thank you are not words of weakness but words of gratitude that show appreciation for the services in which one is about to receive or has received. When we say please and thank you we honor God for allowing us to be of service to one another but also to be on the receiving end of said service. When you Pray to God the words Please and Thank You should roll off your tongue in a manner of appreciation and understanding that we truly are at His Mercy and His Will and we are grateful that He is not only with us along this journey but also those we encounter aling the way and therefore, I say Please and Thank You Lord for this amazing journey and those I encounter along the way. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.


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