God Blessed Morning Family! 

When you are struggling you have several choices. The first choice is to Let Go of the struggle and embrace God. The second is observe what is going on at the time of the struggle for God is trying to tell you something in which only you can figure out, for everyone's struggle is different. The third option is to keep your grip tight and continue to struggle without acknowledging God and what He is trying to tell you. There are times in which we are having a difficult time and we keep struggling with every step we take but once we realize and acknowledge that God's Master Plan does not include struggle for His Children then we do not hesitate to acknowledge that our struggle is what we created for with God in our Lives struggle is always a thing of the past. There are some who think that, the popular statement, "The struggle is real", justifies struggles we encounter along this journey, but if you look for a struggle you will find it. Release all your worries unto our Father and you will see how all of our struggles and worries no longer exists and is not a factor. For struggles only come to those who lack Faith in God, for He has defined our destiny to be one of enlightenment and Love. For He has defined our ordained journey and the only differences is we encounter struggles when we turn our backs on God and move towards the shadows of temptation in which we refuse to acknowledge not only His Power but also His Light Within. The reality of a struggle is that they only exist when you fail to walk with God for if you did He would carry you through the struggle when you could no longer walk beside Him. No struggle is superior to God and no struggle is real when you put God first for when you have God in your Life struggles do not exist only enlightenment and Love. Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen. Hallelujah.

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