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God Blessed Morning Family! 

One of the most Powerful things you can do when you offend someone is to apologize. God never has to apologize for all His actions are based out of Love.  As man is flawed and his flesh is weak it is difficult for man to admit that their words and or actions are damaging and to apologize for said behavior. Man never wants to appear weak and they have cast an image over being apologetic as a sign of weakness.  Apologizing says that they might have not given thought to how they intended their actions to be a benefit to themselves but might have negatively affected someone else emotionally, physically or even mentally. We tend to move through life with selfish motives wanting every action to appear as strenght with intentions that will benefit our position and therefore  we do not necessarily look at how our actions might affect the person on the other end that is impacted by our actions. Being ignorant of the impact if our words and or actions does not excuse our behavior nor the fact that we should still appologies if one person feels slighted by what we have done or said. No one should ever walk away from us feeling as if they are unloved, ridiculed or as if they do not matter, for we are all Children of God worthy of Love and respect. An apology may not fix the damage that had been done but it will bring an acknowledgement to the person that they are valued in every way and it is important that they understand that they are just as important to this journey as we are and no one should feel that they are fodder for someone else's benefit. God never apologizes for His actions are out of Love, man apologies for His actions that were not out of Love. No.apologies are ever needed when you follow God for your actions will become those of Love and then you will Know not only the strenght but the Power of the Love of God. Be Still And Know That I Am.  




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