God Blessed Morning Family! 

Praise God for Life is precious and He has found us worthy of not only Living but giving us eternal Life. It is said that Life is what you make it, and althought some of us may not like our current status in Life we should understand that even though several moments make up a lifetime each single moment is not only temporary but fleeting and it is what helps to mold us into who we are to become along this journey. With the Light of God Within us we will Live a Life that is as He has ordained for our Lives are not in vain and therefore each single moment in which we may find as insignificant is a significant  catalyst into the next phase of our journey. If you look for meaning in your Life you will find it and even if you choose to ignore it for your journey will continue as God has ordained. For He has created your Life to be of significance not just to the environment where you reside but also to the universe as well as for every Soul is connected for we are One in Spirit and each of our Lives make up a whole that impacts not only our Lives but future generations to come. As Christ's journey was His individual experience it continues to impact generations thousands of years after He was crucified for His Life, death and transition into eternal Life were not in vain. Make the best of your Life journey for He has created you to not only be an intricate part of every moment of this journey but to also leave a Lifelong lasting impression that will impact the Lives of future generations into eternity.  Be Still And Know That I Am. 



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