God Blessed Morning Family! 

I am thankful for the challenges which present themselves in my Life, for I Know That God has deemed me not only worthy but also capable of overcoming said challenges. The easiest and most difficult thing about facing a challenge is acknowledging when it is greater than what we are capable of handling and realizing that what is challenging is not the challenge but letting go of it and stepping aside to let God. When faced with a challenge we feel that it is our burden to deal with, but the truth is we are to lay our burdens at His feet. We find this simple act most challenging for we think that we must handle what ever comes our way for our Faith will help us overcome every challenge, but we are not realizing that we are interpreting this message incorrectly. For yes our Faith will help us overcome challenges but it is because of our Faith in which we can call on God and let go. Holding on to challenges says that we do not have enough Faith to let go and allow God to guide us, for at times when we let go our only task is to sit back and watch the Hand of God and other times we are to move as He guides us. Nothing more is required when we face challenges for the real challenge is asking God for guidance, laying our burdens at His feet and letting go. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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