God Blessed Morning Family! 

Our dreams are very powerful but yet we underestimate them, for we tend to think they are fantasy and not a possibility. To think that our dreams are not possible is to question the Power of God for our dreams possess key information that is relevant to our journey. As Joseph had the ability to accurately interpret dreams for they have a way of projecting us into a thought process of possibilities we may have never considered unless they were presented in our dreams. For it is said that we should dream big for our dreams reveal unto us that our possibilities in Life are limitless, for we can do all things with God by our side. It does not matter where or when your dream occurs there is always a message to be received, and at first if you do not understand it ask God to clarify the message, for all we need to do is ask and we shall receive. Our dreams are not in vain nor are the useless, for they serve to reveal the messages we could not receive when we were distracted by daily activities. For our dreams come when we are at a period of rest, and our mind is free to connect with God. It is said that our possibilities in Life are only limited if we fail to dream, for it is our hopes and desires which are our dreams in which we put into action to achieve. For dreams are not entertainment they serve a purpose and define goals in which we may think are impossible but they show us that all things are possible with God, for He would not give us the dream if it were not possible. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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