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God Blessed Morning Family!

You are not just another star in the sky, for you are unique in God's eyes. You are not just another ordinary person for every Child of God is uniquely defined and is ordained to serve a specific purpose. Stop trying to live in the shadows of others and follow in their footsteps for God has created you to be a testimony of your own unique story and not an extra in someone else's life story. Know That your journey is unlike any others and is crafted to aid you in fulfilling your Life purpose as ordained by God. For He will never define a destiny for you in which you cannot fulfill, nor will He place you on a path in which you cannot achieve. He has created you to fulfill a purpose in which no one else can achieve, and although we are One in Spirit it is what we experience and the way in which we choose to handle our destiny which makes us unique and connected to God and one another in Spirit that makes us One. For if each of us were the same and walked the same path our puzzle of Life would never be completed for we would be missing the most important pieces needed to interlock together in order to complete this journey. Never think that because you are nothing like the next person that you are not just as important to God, for it is our unique differences that reflect His image and fulfill multifaceted  pieces defined in His Master Plan. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.


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365 Days of Affirmations

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