God Blessed Morning Family! 

Saying your sorry is to reveal that you are emotionally connected to the person, but being emotionally connected does not mean we are truly sorry. What we tend to overlook is that when we say we are sorry we are also Spiritually connected to that person or persons plight. An apology is something God will never have to do but when we apologize our sincerity brings us closer to God. For an apology allows us to be vulnerable as well as let down our emotional guard and feel a connection with the person or persons in which we are apologizing to. Some find it easy to apologize for they are not emotionally connected to their words or actions but what they fail to see is that neither are they Spiritually connected to the person or persons and God as well. For an apology is to be sincere and most of all from the heart, for this is where we connect with each other and God. Some look at apologizing as a character flaw, but this is not true for just the opposite happens. When we apologize we understand ourselves better, we let go of our denials and fears and most of all we put away our ego. For apologizing can be humbling but it also builds character and most of all tears down our resistance to seeing ourselves as flawed Children of God but also perfection in His eyes. For when our apology is from the heart we are not standing alone for we have opened our heart and allowed God to not only embrace us when we are weak but stand us up to face what is to come knowing that He is there to guide us through it. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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