God Blessed Morning Family! 

Have no doubt that with God by your side you are capable of achieving more in Life than you realize. When we question how we will achieve everything that is before us it is because we don't fully understand the Power of God. For if we did understand His Power we would Know that He would not give us more than we can achieve. We would also understand that what we find impossible is possible for God. For all that we are capable of doing is because He has made it not only possible He has ordained it to occur. No matter how small, large, simple or complicated a task it is achievable by man because God has deemed it so. Praise Him for without Him our possibilities would not exist as well as our accomplishments throughout this journey. Everything that man has accomplished and will accomplish is to be looked upon in awe, for our potential goes beyond our accomplishments. When we walk with God nothing is ever impossible for He said we are to ask and we shall receive. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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