God Blessed Morning Family!  

Living a Life that is honest is a fulfilling Life. When we are dishonest we not only deceive others we deceive ourselves for we are not Living in our Truth. When we are dishonest we are saying we are fearful and we lack Faith in God to deliver us. For He commanded that we not bear false witness, this is because there is no need to be dishonest when God is by your side. In being dishonest we not only lack the understanding how the truth will set us free from the bondage of a lie but we also fail to see how lies require that we continue to feed them as we hide the truth in the shadows we create in our mind. For being honest carries no burden or obligations because it is freeing, but when we are dishonest we must continue to carry not only the burden of remembering the lie but also repeat it and live it as if it were the truth. Living a lie as if it were true is impossible and futile to do for a lie can never be the truth and the trurh can never be a lie, for God not only sees us for who we are He Knows our heart. Some say they find it painful to be honest and therefore they choose to deceive but they are only deceiving themselves for there is more pain and destruction to our connection with God when we choose to be dishonest for when we are dishonest we are attempting to cast shadows on the Light of God. Being dishonest is an attempt to Live in the shadows and not Live in the Light of our Truth. For when we are dishonest we turn our backs on God for He is not only the Light He is the truth that shines down upon honesty. Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen. Hallelujah.

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