God Blessed Morning Family! 

It is said that nothing worth having in Life is easily had. What is not said is that the Love of God is an exception to this saying for His Love is easy for it is unconditional and does not require our Love in return. Regardless of what we do His Love will always remain a constant in our Lives. Man places a lot of parameters around what he believes Love should be. Man has taken a position in which Love is to be based on his expectations but what he has failes to realize is that Love is not an emotion not can it me measured nor limited to be expressed in the same manner he has defined. There are times in which man describes Love as an emotion or feeling, but what he has failed to see is that Love is a way of Being, for it is a reflection of God and is multidimensional as He is, as it is easy to Love because it is instinctively narural to our Being and does not require reciprocity or parameters. Love comes easy for it is Within us to Love, for it is not a learned skill such as hate. We are born with His Love in our heart, but hate is something we must learn and allow it to shadow our Love.  For Love can never be overcome because it is our natural way of Being, while everything else is learned, and incorporated in our Lives. To Love you is easy, but to hate you requires that I not only ignore my natural instinct to Love you, but also deny the Love of God in which He has placed Within us. For He has created us in His image, and He is Love and the Love we show each other is a reflection of Him. To Love you is easy and to do anything other than Love you requires that I go against the natural order that God has placed Within. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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