God Blessed Morning Family!  

It is a blessing to Know that God's Love is Unconditional, but it is astonishing to Know that we will not do the same. We celebrate and confess our Love of God when things are going our way, but we question His Love of us when things are not in line with what we desire. We blame God for the destructive hand of man and question everything that we cannot control. We speak of Him as if He is not present and place man on a pedestal in which he does not deserve. We take credit for the good things in which He has done and blame Him for the destruction of man. We fail to see that when things do not go as we have planned that they are falling in place as He has ordained. We fail to listen to His whispers, but will listen to the nonsensical conversations of man. We become impatient with His Divine Order of Time and try to force His Hand and when that fails we not only question His Power we question whether He loves us unconditionally. In spite of our displayed lack of Faith His Love remains unconditional. Imagine if we loved unconditionally and understood that although our flesh may be weak our Love for one another will never falter for no matter what it will remain unconditional as His Love is for us. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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