God Blessed Morning Family! 

Comparison of Life is the quickest way to concede to failure that does not exist. For in the flesh we measure our success and failure based on the actions of man as if God had not created us to be unique individuals and different in all ways which makes it futile to compare that which was never meant to be similar, duplicated nor in competition with one another. For it is through this uniqueness in which we are like a strand of DNA making up One body that being One in Spirit. Never compare yourselves to others for He never intended for our flesh to be the same, for we all contain a link that is so different that as One in Spirit it makes up a perfect strand of His DNA. When we look at each other for the purpose of comparison it creates useless thoughts of iniquity instead of seeing each other for the creative beauty crafted at the Hands of God. It is said that imitation is a form of flatyery but this is a lie we tell ourselves because we fear and fail to define our uniqueness and instead become lazy and copy the image or behavior of others. This is only something humans do when they believe they are inadequate which is a lie we tell ourselves. If God meant for us to compare or duplicate ourselves He would have made us all look and behave the same. Even in nature no two creations at the hand of God are the same, for animals, trees, rocks, plants and everything the eye sees and cannot see is never the same in looks and behaviors nor do they compare themselves for it is known that each one is an example of God's freewill and creative hand. Never believe that flattery is in duplication or comparison for the two are not possible when it comes to the human form as well as our Spirit, for He has made us unique to serve a specific purpose that is also unique in its origin as it is in our journey. Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen. Hallelujah. 

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