God Blessed Morning Family! 

It is said that speech is silver, but silence is golden. This saying referenced silence more important than speaking for a lot can be said, observed and learned if we sit in silence. When we are silent we quiet our mind and when the mind is still it allows information that is given to be received and processed without question. When we receive information we tend to ruminate and question what is being seen, said or done and how it affects us and others. Not all information received is up for debate, and should not be questioned, for when we question everything we display a lack of Faith in His Master Plan. For not all things will make sense in the flesh, for when God told Noah to build the Ark to prepare for the flood there was not a rain cloud to be seen in the sky. If Noah was to question and debate the information received he might have listened to those around him and used logic to talk himself out of following the Word of God.  When Moses heard a voice and saw that it was coming from the burning bush it was not for him to question but remain silent and receive the message. Silence is golden for as long as we remain silent we are open to receiving information. "Keep silence and hear, O Israel!" Deuteronomy 27:9 Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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