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God Blessed Morning Family! 

Along this journey at some time we shall all fall short. We should not belittle ourselves when we fall for there is a blessing to be found when we fall. For at times it is only when we fall we discover the Power of God. For some of us are of the belief that we are to only call upon Him when we have fallen, but this is where we are mistaken. God is with us every step of our journey, and as our Father He wants to share every moment with us good, bad or indifferent. It is a mistake to think that God only appears when we have fallen, and it is also a mistake to think that we are only to call upon Him when we fall. It is not only when we fall are we to reach for His Hand it is also every moment of our journey. Although some of us only come to Know God in times when we have fallen it is for us to Know Him all the time, for He is there for us all the time. Along this journey it is our challenge to see that God Is Good All The Time And All The Time God Is Good. The act of falling is not a tragedy, for the tragedy is not knowing or seeking God before or after we have fallen. For God is present in the good times as much as He is during what we see as the bad times. The blessing is that for those who do not Know Him before they fall they will definitely seek to Know Him during and after they have fallen and come to realize that He has always been there. "O israel, return unto the Lord thy God; for thou hast fallen by thine iniquity." Hosea 14:1 Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.


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