God Blessed Morning Family! 

Man understands that when he physically has nothing hope remains and when he feels all hope is lost Faith takes the lead. We tend to rely on hope to bring things to fruition but fail to see that it is our Faith that will carry us to the end. For hope is a feeling of our desired expectations but Faith is our willingness to step out and take action without foresight or vision of what is to come knowing that God will guide us as we move blindly through roadblocks, pitfalls and barricades which threaten to stop us along the way. We have Faith for the Lord is our Shepherd and we Know He will not lead us into failure nor will He forsake us along the way. It is okay to have hope for it is an emotion which compels us to move forward, but it is not necessary. What is necessary is that we have Faith for it is the act of Knowing God and not an emotion that can be challenged or changed based on our mental state of mind. For Faith is a way of being and hope is an emotional state of mind. I have Faith that God has ordained our destiny and all that I encounter along the way is for my wellbeing. I have hope that what I desire will be a part of my experience along this journey. For what I hope for is what I desire but my Faith reveals unto me what God has ordained. Be Still And Know That I Am. Amen. Hallelujah.  

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