God Blessed Morning Family! 

God makes no excuses for His Word is His bond. When you give your word it should be in the same manner as if God were speaking through you, but what should be for man is not always what occurs. For man is weak and at times will fall short for he is embattled with his flesh. It may be that we have good intentions when we make promises, but when it is time to act upon said promises we fail to act or follow through. This is not the way of God, for He always follows through and puts His Words into action immediately, for once it is said the universe opens up to see it through. For God excuses do not exist, but man seems to find them acceptable. I am not saying that we should never make excuses for not fulfilling our word but what I am saying is that when we make excuses we should speak them with an awareness that God is listening. For at times man relies on excuses to support their actions of ill will or intentionally not performing as they said they would. Excuses are fine if the circumstances were out of your hands, but honestly this is not the case the majority of times we make excuses. What would our journey look like if God made excuses? Would we look to Him in Faith if we knew there was a possibility of Him making excuses for not following through on His Word? We should always be honest with ourselves and each other and avoid giving our word if we find that we will later intentionally search for excuses to justify our reasons for not following through. For it is in Luke 14 in which Jesus explains in a parable how man made excuses to not attend a feast held by a constituent and upon hearing their excuses the man told his servant to invite all those in the town and surrounding villages to sit at his table and feast. In other words don't allow your excuses to void you the opportunity to sit at the table with God and break the bread of Life. Be Still And Know That I Am. 

Amen. Hallelujah.  

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