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God Blessed Morning Family! 

This being the eve of the anniversary of the birth of Christ I take this time to reflect upon the reason He was born. For it is Love He brought into the world and it is His Love that remains amongst us. It is this Love we share with spoken and unspoken words, for our words and actions demonstrate our Love for one another. It is this Love that is unconditional and requires no action or payment in order to be received. For this Love is not only unconditional it is priceless and to Know His Love is to be Love for it is not an emotion but a way of Life. Take this day to reflect upon those you Love but also how to Love those you do not Know, and you will gain not only insight but an understanding of why He found it critical to bless us with the birth of Christ. For on this eve many years ago preparation was being made for the birth of a child that would change all mankind for it was not upon His death but in His birth we were given unconditional Love in the flesh. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.


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365 Days of Affirmations

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