God Blessed Morning Family! 

To be blessed by the Grace of God is our desire, but to pray for others to be blessed by God is an unselfish act that He will always honor and recognize. To tell someone that the only thing you can do for them is pray is not a sign of weakness but one of acknowledgement of the Power of God. For prayer is the most Powerful thing in which we can do for it shows that over all things our Faith will never be overpowered by our fears or doubt of the outcome of a situation. In prayer we are asking God to not only take our burdens away from us but we are also acknowledging His ability to make what we find to be impossible possible. When we pray for others we should understand that He not only hears our prayers for the major things that are beyond our control but also the small things that are within our control. For everything we accomplish is because God has set the universe in motion to help us achieve our greatness and this is possible because we have asked, acknowledged and accepted Him as our Guide, Shepherd and Savior who can do all things. For when we Pray it is not only for our own wellbeing but for the blessings of all of His Children. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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