God Blessed Morning Family! 

Know that what you might see as a delay or setback is part of His Master Plan. For anything which delays our progress is occurring for a reason greater than we Know for it is all occuring in accordance to His Divine Order of Time. Take the time to look outside of what you know and understand that the Divine Order of God stands before and behind everything which is occurring in our Life. For what we see in the flesh as being a delay in our progress is giving us an opportunity to take a closer look at how our steps are ordered by God. As we step out in Faith we are not alone, and when we acknowledge His Works we then can understand that what is occurring is not a setback or delay but a setup for success. For He will not forsake us and when we find ourselves on a path which is not progressing in the manner in which we desire it is His way of getting our attention. For it is when we delay, struggle, suffer a setback or fall down we search for His Hand to brace and lift us. It is in these moments in which we have our biggest breakthroughs for we are then in search of what God can do rather than relying on what we think man can do. For with every delay or setback we are given an opportunity to acknowledge God and reach for His Hand to pull us through. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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