God Blessed Morning Family!

Life Watering Words affirmations was born out of the desire to gain a greater connection with the Inner Divine Spirit as well as with those who are seeking a similar connection along this journey. Words of encouragement as well as conversations inspired by the Word of God have supported and given inspiration to those who share in the daily readings of these affirmations. The intent of the affirmations is to give strength and reinforce Faith where it is weak and teach us to continue to Praise God in the face of crisis, chaos and darkness. It is intended that when reading an affirmation it will awaken the Spirit and allow the reader to see that they are not only protected by the Hand of God but they can also feel that they are surrounded by His Light and Know That they do not walk this journey alone. The affirmations are written to encourage the reader to look at their Life experiences as a gift from God and not a challenge to make it to the finish line but to enjoy each moment with the clear understanding that as they walk through this journey everything they encounter is part of His overall Master Plan for He has ordained their destiny and they shall Be Still And Know That I Am.

Amen Hallelujah.

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