God Blessed Morning Family!

I ask God to bless you for you are my Family. Although He created two of flesh to bear our temples He will always remain our Father. The Scriptures lists generations of families that are all connected and although we may have lost track of the generations that have come since that time we will all remain connected in Spirit for we are the Children of God. Make no doubt about it our temples might show that our DNA is not a 100% match indicating that we are not from the same biological parent but God is our Father and shall always connect us for we are One. As no two of us are the same for even what appears to be identical to the eye and through science will never be an exact match for He made no two the same. Each of us bring something forth that is different for we are a reflection of the multifaceted sides which make up His magnitude, and when we come together this is what makes us One. For we connect in Spirit like a jigsaw puzzle connects on a table, interlocking not only our hands, our journey, our Lives and our Spirit making us One Family connected by a bond which can never be broken for it was created by our One Father, One Saviour, One Lord, One God and for this we are not only Family we are One. Be Still And Know That I Am.

Amen. Hallelujah.

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