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God Blessed Morning Family! 

Being a servant of the Lord is an honor for He has chosen us to be of assistance to one another. Although everyone is chosen it is a challenge to be of service for it requires that we remove our ego and humble ourselves so that our thoughts and actions are not for recognition but one of uplifting others. Jesus did not acknowledge His works but gave all the glory to God. For He understood that if not for the grace of God He would not have been able to do the things in which He accomplished. The flesh is weak and one of our biggest challenges when it comes to being of service to one another for in order to uplift another we must stand under them to rise them above our own desires. In order to see as another man sees we must first put aside our own thoughts and judgements about them. We must not walk into their environment and think how much better we can make it but we must ask God how we can be of service to help them reach the goals He desires. Man has always had good intentions with regards to helping one another for it is in our nature. The lines get blurred when the actions of being of service are based on man's intentions and not the desires of those they are helping nor are they in line with what God sent us to accomplish. For we must Love one another first for in this Love we will find that our egos and desire for acknowledgement of our good deeds have no place in the glory of God. For when we pray we are to do it in private and so should our actions for helping one another for the acknowledgement of our actions from man can never equal the Glory which we receive from God. Being of service to God and His Children is a privilege and an honor. No accolades nor recognition of our actions from man will ever equal the Joy we will receive from being of service and being able to uplift one another. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.


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